2023 Meeting Schedule

Our meetings in 2023 will be held at 10 am on the dates shown.  Some of the meetings will be in person, possibly hybird (in person and Zoom) or only Zoom.  This is to be determined.

January 14 – In Person – Meet and Greet

February 11 – Zoom – 10 Little Known Genealogy Websites

March 11 – Zoom Only.  This is a change from previous announcement.

April 15 – Hybrid.  Also meeting date has changed.  Please note, we will not meet on April 8.

May 13 – Zoom Only.  Strategies for Finding Female Ancestors’ Maiden Names

June 10 – Genealogy 101. Meeting will be from 10:30 to 1:30 at Jefferson Madison Regional Library, Northside location on West Rio Road

July 8 – Hybrid – Brendan Wolfe will present The Commissioner & Mr. Coughlin. A story of two immigrants, one murder, and a search for origins.

August 12 – Zoom only.  The Family History Center will be closed on August 12, 2023.

September 9 – Continuation of Genealogy 101 at Northside Library.

October 14 – Hybrid – Jean Cooper will present a program about using newspapers for research.

November 11 – There will not be a hybrid or zoom meeting on November 11.  Please see our website for information about a presentation at Columbia Baptist Church in Columbia, VA.  The presentation is about cemetery history, law and preservation.

December 9

You will receive an email reminder about these meetings.

If you attend the meeting in person, please bring a face mask. It may be required by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS Church).


2 thoughts on “2023 Meeting Schedule

  1. Is there anyone in the society or anyone that they know that can read cursive German of 1777? I have a copy of a Will that is in German cursive and I need two pages translated.

    Pat Wilczek

    • I have had good luck with my genealogy questions using some of the groups on Facebook. Two groups which may be helpful to you are the German Genealogy Records Transcription Group – they will TRANSCRIBE German script (which you can put into an online translator or otherwise translate), or the German Genealogy Translation Group – they will TRANSLATE German verbiage. I also met a fellow specializing in German Translation of old script and PA German topics at the Moravian Archives in Bethlehem, PA. I cannot vouch for him (although he seemed well known at the archives and was working on old German documents). Edward E Quinter, elquinter@aol.com. There would be a fee, I’d guess.

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