CVGA Occasional Papers

We have received several manuscripts in the past two years that we felt should be published, but which were too long to publish in the Central Virginia Heritage. We decided to publish a series of Occasional papers, which would be published not on a schedule like a magazine, but whenever we found an appropriate manuscript. The books below are available on If you have written a paper you would like to submit for publication, please contact:

Jean L. Cooper, Editor, eleanordew at gmail dot com.

Occasional paper, no. 1
Joanne Yeck, Peter Jefferson’s Snowdon; A History of Settlement at the Horseshoe Bend (2020). ISBN: 979-8635444450  $15 – 83 pages





Occasional paper, no. 2
Elaine L. Taylor, The Register of Trinity Parish, Louisa County, Virginia: Births and Baptisms from 1752-1779 (2022)
ISBN: 979-8411369465  $12 – 83 pages





Occasional paper, no. 3
Elaine L. Taylor, Finding the Freedmen: Records from Louisa County, Virginia, 1865-1870 (2022)
ISBN: 979-8801527116  $22 – 389 pages