Patricia Hampton Kinzie
(pat.kinzie@gmail.com) on I am helping a lady become a member of NSDAR through Hannah Montague, the child of Peter Montague. NSDAR is not accepting the Montague genealogy book and we have looked everywhere for a Will for Peter or his wife Elizabeth Henderson, to no avail. She was born (according to Montague genealogy) abt 1775-7 in Spotsylvania or Orange Co, VA, probably near Fredericksburg and m. 25 Oct 1801 in Orange Co to Richmond Grady. The book says her mother (Elizabeth Henderson Grady) died in her home abt 1824 in Fredericksburg. Hannah probably died before her husband moved to Ohio around 1840. Do you have any resources or could you point me to a historical or genealogical society that might have some evidence to prove that Hannah is the daughter of Peter and Elizabeth? Thank you.

W. Franklin Spears Jr. (wfspearsjr@gmail.com) Submitted on 2016/02/12
Christopher ” Christian ” Spears ; per KY DAR born 1755 VA and died and is buried in Harrison County Kentucky. Our family has hit a brick wall with this my 3 great grandfather. Also looking to hire a genealogist capable of reading early German records as Christopher once signed an early marriage bond in Dutch. Can anyone help?

Virgil Tacy (vtacy@frontiernet.net) Submitted on 2015/10/28
I am a descendant of Randolph Bernard Tacy, who married Paulina Jane Glass (b. 1806, d. 1859) in Fluvanna County 31 Aug 1826. They had 10 children. Randolph (b. 1787 d. 9 Jun 1865) claimed to have been born in France, which could have been port of New Orleans, then part of France. The family later moved to Pocahontas County, WV. Very little information on the parents of either. Can anyone provide some assistance from your research? Appreciate your help for sure. Thanks.


Stephen Parker (parkerstevel@msn.com) Submitted on 2015/9/16
My wife’s family is descended from George W. Wells, who was a dentist living in Madison County in 1864. He married Lucy M. Jeffries in Culpeper in 1861. George Wells purchased a house in Culpeper in December of 1861, and sold it in 1862.  He probably moved to Madison, then later on to Weakley County, Tennessee about 1868. I am trying to figure out his parents’ names, if he attended UVA, and where he was born. Can you give advice on where to look in the area to find out any of this information? We will be in the area for a week in October, and would like to go to all the possible sources to dig for the info. Thx, Steve Parker.

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  1. Also looking to hire a genealogist capable of reading early German records as Christopher once signed an early marriage bond in Dutch.

  2. Good afternoon!

    I am seeking African American church membership and baptismal records in Albemarle County, Virginia from 1865-1900. In particular, I am focused on the Stony Point area of Rivanna, Albemarle County, Virginia and the Tyree family. Any leads appreciated as I am working on a research plan for a client.

    Pamela Moore

    • Hello Pamela,
      We will share your query at our meeting today. The topic of the meeting is resources for African-American genealogy.

      Patricia Lukas

  3. I’m trying to find a copy of Vol. 1, no. 1, of the Central Virginia Heritage journal for the article “Albemarle – Louisa Patriarch (Samuel Dalton born before 1700, died about 1805).” Does the CVGA have a copy of the article that can be photocopied, for which I will gladly pay?

    • I notice that this is an older query. Have you received the information you requested? If not, I may be able to help. J. Lesich

  4. Dear CVGA Community:
    Using previously unexplored Hatch and Rhoades family lines in Orange and Louisa Counties, I have obtained membership in “The General Society of Mayflower Descendants”. This opens up membership opportunity to others in our region who may also be related, but had no idea of their Pilgrim roots. The Orange County gateway ancestor is Henry Hatch (b.1805 New York – d.1876 Orange County). His wife was Mary C. Gardner (b.1819 Louisa County – d.1882 Orange County). Their daughter, Ann E. Hatch (1834-?) married John Rhoades, Jr. (1827-1896) both of Orange County.

  5. I am looking for records on the parents of Maurice Morris. He was born in 1780 in Amherst County, VA. It is thought that his parents were Thomas Morris and Elizabeth Saling Morris. I have no found any records to definitely confirm so. Maurice later immigrated to Floyd County, IN. He is in the census records there in 1820. He also had a land grant as early as 1813. If you have records or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!

  6. I am a descendant of Wood family that lived in the area until mid-late 1800’s. My 2G grandfather was Charles Ezekiel and his father was Harrison. I noticed that you have lots of info in previous Heritage publications and I would like to order some of them. Are all of them still available? I’m specifically looking for Winter 1985, Summer 1986, Winter 1990, Autumn 1992, Summer 1993, Winter 1994, and Fall 2000. I understand that I need to be a member and purchase each.


    • Hello Patrick,
      First off, please accept my apology for not responding promptly to your message.
      To answer your question, you have two options: for $15.00 you can become a member for a year and have access to the entire archives of the Central Virginia Heritage which you can download and save to your computer, or we can send you a package of copies by mail. We have all of the issues you are interested in except for Winter 1990. We seldom mail any these days so I would have to check the prices. Most of them are $3.00 each.
      Patricia Lukas

  7. Researching Joseph Thompson and his wife Clarissa Moubray (or Maberry). The 1840 Census has them in Orange County, 1850 in Madison County, and the 1860 Census in Rockingham County. I hope to make a trip down to Orange soon, but would appreciate if you can point me in the right direction in finding any material on them. Thank you!

    • Hello Kim,
      We have shared your query on our Facebook page. If there are any comments we willl post them here.
      Do you have any specific questions about these ancestors?

  8. Been looking for my grandfathers grave, Andrew Clifton Rice, for 40+ years. His wife, Kelso Dyle Mayo Rice is interred at Riverside Cemetery in Charlottesville, VA.
    She passed after giving birth to my father Andrew Dyle and his twin Kelso Clifton Rice-Wallace.

    • Hello Andrew,
      Do you know Andrew’s date of death? I looked at some records on Ancestry.com and it looks like he might have lived in Jacksonville, Florida in 1920.

      • I do not know of my grandfathers date of death but I know he registered for the draft for WWI and was discharged from the U.S. Calvary in 1903 (?). Also, he worked in City Point Va for Dupont at their munitions factory.

  9. I am looking to identify a researcher who can help me find the family records of John W. Mayo of Goochland County. He served as a 1st Lt. in the 44th Virginia Infantry, CSA.
    I am interested specifically in his family records prior to the Civil War and after.
    He received a pension in Louisa County in 1900

    • Hello — Sorry to take so long replying. Can you tell me what resources you have checked so far? — Jean Cooper, Editor/Webmaster

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