ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

I ALWAYS learn something when I attend our monthly meetings and I thought I would start sharing a tidbit or two from our sessions. On October 8th, Carol Rush told us about the incredible response she has received from reaching out to genealogy Facebook groups in areas she is researching but hasn’t visited. A member of that Facebook group took it upon herself to visit the church Carol’s ancestor had attended and sent Carol the certificate she had been looking for!


It’s been quite a while since I added a ICYMI post, but there have been many opportunities. In July, Brendan Wolfe of Black Sheep Genealogy gave a well-attended and very enjoyable presentation on his quest to discover the true story behind the 1930s death of a security guard, a prominent member of the city’s administration, and the backstories behind their journeys from Ireland to Chicago. Brendan is a great storyteller and you missed a treat if you were not there!

Yesterday, 9 September 2023, I hosted my first Zoom meeting for the CVGA. I would like to start by saying I hope I didn’t leave anyone stuck in the waiting room and I will practice. We watched two short videos on Artificial Intelligence or AI and its uses in genealogy. Links are included below:

You CAN use ChatGPT for genealogy (with accuracy)! Here’s how

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) at Ancestry – How it’s Used & What’s in Store in 2023