2022 Meeting Schedule

Our meetings in 2022 will be hybrid – in person and virtual by Zoom  beginning at 10 am on the following dates:

March 12, 2022:  “Remembering the Fallen” by Diane Inman

April 9, 2022:  To be announced

May 14, 2022:  In person Meeting at Church beginning at 10 am

June 11, 2022:  “Remembering the Fallen” by Diane Inman.  This will be a Hybrid Meeting,  In Person at church or via Zoom, beginning at 10 am.

July 9, 2022:  Virtual Meeting “How to Use PERSI Like a Pro”

August 13, 2022:  Virtual Meeting “Beginning & Restarting your Research”

September 10, 2022:  Virtual Meeting on Research Plans

October 8, 2022:  Virtual Meeting

November 12, 2022:  Virtual Meeting

December 10, 2022:  Virtual Meeting

You will receive an email reminder about these meetings.

If you attend the meeting in person, please bring a face mask. It may be required by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS Church).


2 thoughts on “2022 Meeting Schedule

  1. Is there anyone in the society or anyone that they know that can read cursive German of 1777? I have a copy of a Will that is in German cursive and I need two pages translated.

    Pat Wilczek

    • I have had good luck with my genealogy questions using some of the groups on Facebook. Two groups which may be helpful to you are the German Genealogy Records Transcription Group – they will TRANSCRIBE German script (which you can put into an online translator or otherwise translate), or the German Genealogy Translation Group – they will TRANSLATE German verbiage. I also met a fellow specializing in German Translation of old script and PA German topics at the Moravian Archives in Bethlehem, PA. I cannot vouch for him (although he seemed well known at the archives and was working on old German documents). Edward E Quinter, elquinter@aol.com. There would be a fee, I’d guess.

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