Central Virginia Heritage ceases print publication with Fall/Winter 2014 issue.

From the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of the Central Virginia Heritage:

“[This issue] is also the last printed edition [of CVH] that we will publish. The Central Virginia Genealogical Association members have been talking for over a year about discontinuing the printing of The Central Virginia Heritage because of the expense of publishing and mailing.  The members discussed this at length during the December meeting and it was decided to cease print publication after this issue. Also at the December 2014 meeting, a committee of six members was formed to investigate the options for electronic publication. Both motions were passed unanimously.”–Susan Emert, Outgoing President, CVGA

“It was decided that the print publication of the Heritage would cease with this issue and that the association would explore developing an electronic edition which will appear on the association’s web site at: http://cvga.avenue.org .”–Pat Lukas, Incoming President, CVGA