23andMe Class Action Lawsuit (KCC Settlement Administrator)

If you bought a DNA test kit from 23andMe between October 16, 2007 and November 22, 2013, you probably received an email from the ‘KCC Settlement Administrator’ concerning a class action lawsuit brought against 23andMe by a group of customers who raised a “…variety of claims ranging from false advertising to consumer protection issues…”, according to Judy Russell, the Legal Genealogist. Judy’s blogpost from September 24, 2017, is the place to go to learn about this lawsuit and get the information you need to make a decision concerning your options in this case.

Click here to go right to Judy Russell’s blog. There are deadlines for your response, depending on which option you choose, so it’s important to act soon by reading Judy’s blog and then go looking for that email that probably looks like a spam message. If you already deleted it, don’t worry, Judy has a link to the correct website. Good luck!