CVGA needs your help to keep our association running smoothly. Please read on for the three items we would like to bring to your attention.

First of all, we are announcing that our president, Patricia Lukas, will resign from her post at the end of this year. This means that it is necessary for members to come forward and place their names in the hat as candidates for this office. An election will take place at our November meeting so please step up, contact Linda Gore at and let her know that you are interested in this position.

The next item is the update of our bylaws. The last time they were amended was in 2002 and it is time to put in place a revised document that reflects our current organization. WHAT YOU CAN DO is to read a draft version of the bylaws and give us any feedback. We need two members to help us with this. If you have experience with non-profits that might be helpful but a careful, critical eye is most important. Please let us know if you can help out and we will send you the files of the current and draft bylaws.

The final request is for help auditing our financial records. Our treasurer has done an excellent job of keeping our books. However, our bylaws state that the Audit Committee shall “…audit the financial records of the Treasurer and present a report at the December meeting.” The CVGA financial records are quite simple so someone with a background in accounting or bookkeeping would find that this task is not very time consuming. WHAT YOU CAN DO is contact us and our treasurer will send a file of our financial records. If multiple volunteers come forward, we will form a committee and see that you are in touch with one another.

Thank you for reading this and please step up and help your CVGA!